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w/ Kyle Thalman

We cannot separate the mind from the body. One needs a healthy body to have a healthy mind and a healthy mind to have a healthy body. Biohacking is when you take it upon yourself to make the most out of your body for the purposes that you put it in. When your body is strong, your mind can do amazing things.

In the year 2020, we can see some wondrous advancements on the horizon of modern medicine that have the potential to increase our life expectancy well beyond our modern conception of mortality. Some people want to extend life because of a fear of death, some want to increase the quality of their life, and well, health is the first and foremost way to do that. 

 Kyle Thalman, a lifelong gymnast and coach talks about biohacking from his experience as a coach and student of sports psychology.  In this episode, we explore the history of biohacking, pliability, 80/20 exercise, and the power of the mind over the body.

Show Notes

Warning: This is not an endorsement of biohacking as a whole. We are simply discussing it as a possible way to enhance the quality and quantity of our lives using good science. If done poorly or to extremes, biohacking can be very dangerous. Please explore with caution and restraint. See this article.


Mythic Gymnastics in Reno NV

Book: Biology of Belief
Ben Greenfield

Biohacking for Beginners:
Tony Robbins
Newsweek’s Eve Watling
Phillip Hemme 

Topics Mentioned:

Reticular Activating System


Guest: Kyle Thalman

Disclaimer: Before I Die does not claim to be an expert on any medical or mental health topics discussed. Neither do we endorse any statements or suggestions given by our guests. We provide a platform for discussion only and we hope you use it for the maximum benefit of your life with discretion.